Fl Studio Keyscape Download

This NKS library contains NKS presets for ALL 400+ Keyscape keyboard presets including mapped controls specific to each model preset. This will allow full browsing of the Keyscape instrument from the keyboard along with access to all controls for each instrument directly from the keyboard.

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All presets have been converted to NKS files which contains the preset sound information, tagging information and custom controls for every keyboard model. Keyscape Creative library for Omnisphere contains 20 pages of controls.

  • Komplete Kontrol Software v2.0+

  • Maschine Software 2.6+

  • Supports Komplete Keyboards (all versions)

  • Supports Maschine Hardware (all versions)

  • Works on PC / MAC

  • Supports 64 Bit

  • Requires Spectrasonics Keyscape
  • Requires Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 (for Keyscape Creative library)

For Omnisphere users you will receive the Keyscape Creative preset browser pack.
This contains 1200+ presets for Omnisphere with full taggng and 20 pages of controller mappings.
These presets should tie in nicely with Omnisphere Preset Browsing for Komplete Kontrol.

NOTE: You must own Omnisphere v2.4 and Keyscape for both librarys to work. If you only own Keyscape you will only have access to the Keyscape library presets.


The Free Download Version contains a handful of presets to test how the NKS installation and compatibility will work. You can download and install this for free to test things out before purchasing the full NKS browser pack.

Please Login or Create an Accountto purchase and download the files. You will then have access to the Cart to add multiple purchases in a single transaction.

You will find all your purchased downloads on the My Downloads page

If you have any issues with the checkout process please feel free to Contact Me with your registered User Name.

Install instructions are included with each download but you can also download instructions here:

Each keyboard/piano preset for the Keyscape VST has all macro controls mapped and tagged. Each preset differs and so too does the controller mapping:

Controls when loading a preset into Omnisphere you will see a generic set of controls used for Omnisphere factory presets. Use the Omnisphere versions for sound design and use the Keyscape version for dedicated control (and before asking, No I will not create a dedicated map for presets within Omnisphere)

Presets are tagged with full information. Artwork for Omnisphere is included with the Omnisphere 2 browser for Komplete Kontrol.

Because all parameters are saved with an NKS preset this means the keybed velocity is saved too. I have set a default velocity curve for the presets which will override your own preference. This is unavoidable but on page 1 you will find parameters to adjust the velocity curve and you can easily save presets as you go to save your own settings.

I am working on a possible method to deliver preset files that include velocity specific for the S88/S61 as optional installs if it is popular enough to justify. Let me know if this interests you.

Support forum on Native Instruments forum Here


This NKS library is created with no affiliation to Native Instruments or the VST vendor. I am not paid, or even supported by Native Instruments or the vendors. Downloading and usage of this library is at the users own risk. Payments are non refundable. There is no support or guarantee offered that these will suit your own application which is why a free version is offered to test with. If you are satisfied with the free version then the paid version offers the same features and includes all factory presets. There is no guarantee that future versions of the Komplete/Maschine software will support these preset files or the current features.

Fl Studio Keyscape Download

Users are not authorised to share or distribute the files with anyone else without the consent of Freelance SoundLabs. A lot of work goes into managing this project, hosting the files and writing documentation and I am also an active forum member helping out users. Please do the right thing; the cost is only a few beers to help me out.


2.5.3 (28-Jun-19)
- Fixed issue with previews rendered with high vibrato
- Added banks for each model of keyboard

2.5.2 (19 April 2019)
- Re-rendered sound previews to address glitch issue at end of file and also reduce size of library.
- Cleaned up and improved some tagging across libraries.
- Some library paths have changed to group some plugins by developer in the user folder.
- Fixed a few incorrectly tagged files

v2.5.0 (11 March 2019)
- Updated tagging for NKS v1.5 tagging format

V2.2.0 (13 Feb 2018)
- Updated Omnisphere NKS files with FX ON/OFF controls
- Updated Omnisphere NKS files with automated tagging for Mode tags (long/slow attack/release, glide, monophonic)
- Updated tagging globally between libraries
- Added NKS library version numbers to the NKS browser properties section

V2.1.1 (3 Dec 2017)
- Updated tagging to remove duplicate and incorrect tags
- Added splash image for loaded instrument on Maschine MK2/Studio and Komplete MK3
- Updated documentation

V2.1 (21 Oct 2017)
- Added sound previews for all presets
- Updated plug-in artwork
- Updated documentation

V2.0 (13 October 2017)
- Consolidated tagging across Keyscape and Omnisphere library’s
- Corrected some incorrectly labelled tags
- Created new Keyscape Factory library for Omnisphere
- Created new Banks for Omnisphere library’s
- Fixed some incorrectly mapped controls in a few Keyscape presets
- Removed [library] tags

v1.0 (19 February 2017)
- Initial Version

If you've got your hands on the new Spectrasonics Keyscape virtual instrument but are having issues with the installation process, try the following:

Keyscape: Download

Step 1: Run the Keyscape download manager and allow up to 3 hours for the large files to be completely downloaded.

Step 2: Now, wherever you directed the download manager to place its files, you will find a folder called 'Keyscape Installation'.

Step 3: If you are unsure where you directed the Download Manager to place these files, we recommend checking your downloads folder and desktop to locate it.

Step 4: If the download reached completion, this folder will contain a working installation file within its Mac folder. Run the Keyscape Installation .pkg file to begin installing the software and follow the onscreen prompts.

Keyscape: Physical (Boxed) Version
Step 1: Your first step is to insert Keyscape Drive A into your computer. There is a flip-out mechanism on the credit-card shaped drives that allow you to insert the drives into your computer via USB. Start with the drive labeled A.

How To Download Keyscape

Step 2: Once this drive appears on your desktop, double click it to open it.

Step 3: Inside, you will see a few files and folders, one of which is Keyscape Installation.url.

Step 4: Double clicking that .url file will open a web browser which will prompt you to login using your Spectrasonics User Account credentials.

Step 5: Once you log in on this screen, you will be presented with download links for an installer file.

Step 6: This is not the same file(s) provided by the download manager: it is a very small file that is designed to utilize the large data files that are already loaded onto the currently inserted Keyscape Drive A.

Step 7: When this installer is downloaded, run it to beginthe installation process.

Step 8: This will guide you through the necessary steps and will prompt you when you should insert the second drive B.

Either of these options will allow you to authorize the installation using your Spectrasonics User Account.

Keyscape Free Vst Download

The first time you load the plugin in your DAW you will be prompted with instructions on how to authorize and begin using the product.