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In this course you'll be learning how to start making music from scratch by starting along with the basic functions and maneuverability of FL. You will learn all the important things that you need know about FL in order for you to craft your own sound in no time.
Video 1 - How to Get FL studio (Free and Paid) (07:56)
Downloading FL is probably the easiest, Fastest and the most convenient way to get FL studio since theres no need for its physical package to get shipped on your doorstep which can take approximately 5 days to 2 weeks depending on your location. It will save you $100 usd by getting it and registering it online.
Video 2 - Introduction to FL's Interface and Main windows (16:13)
Knowing and familiarizing FL visually is the primary thing that you all should know so you'll know that a certain window and its functions exist. The idea might get lost on your head through time but it will certainly come back when you're down to the process of creating music in FL.
Video 3 - Settings and configuration (18:05)
FL studio is a highly costumizable DAW, you can basically change the way you make music in it. Unlike any other DAWs FL can have various workflows depending on how you want to work with it. It's also important to know how to change your audio settings and all of the devices that's linked on it.
Video 4 - Arranging Part 1 ( Working with MIDI and Pre-recorded Samples) (54:39)
Working with MIDI and Pre-recorded sample is usually commong amongst newbies who doesn't have midi keyboards and microphones to record percussions and other instruments. So Starting with this process is mandatory before going through a much technical and difficult process which is recording, compiling and designing a certain sound on your own.
Video 5 - Arranging Part 2 ( Recording, Editing and Compiling MIDI and AUDIO) (40:36)
Recording a certain performance is one of the key components that makes and adds a human factor on a certain song, it could either be a vocal performance, guitar performance or Piano performance through midi. Editing it is the post processing that enhances it in terms of timing and tidiness. There are a few different recording setups and functions in FL that can ease the way you process things in it just like the quantizing feature and warping feature.
Video 6 - Arranging Part 3 (Automations) (07:48)
Automations are one of the most important function in a DAW since it adds dynamics and movement on the parameters that you've added on a certain track or instrument. You can adjust a certain know to be on its full setting on a certain areas of the song and activate or deactivate a certain effects or plugin.
Video 7 - Mixer (16:36)
The last thing that you'll ever encounter when making music is the mixer because its where you mix and master your track. Its where you will add emphasis on a certain element of your track.
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  1. Learn Fl Studio Online

Music Production in FL Studio 20 – Learn How To Manage FL Studio in Just One Day – Creating Music, Mixing & Mastering

Learn Fl Studio Online

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How To Make Music in FL Studio in Just a Day
  • Learn How To Manage FL Studio Fast
  • Learn Working with FL Studio in a Quick and Easy Way
  • If You Want To Learn The Basics of FL Studio
  • Create Professional Music Productions
  • How To Create Mixdowns
  • How To Create Mastering on a Mixed Project


FL Studio is not available as a web app but there are some alternatives that runs in the browser with similar functionality. The most popular Online alternative is. Lynda Learning FL Studio 12 FCO January 12, 2018 February 20, 2019 1 Author Stefan Loader Released Up and Running with FL Studio prepares music producers and audio engineers to work on real-world projects with FL Studio, the powerful digital audio workstation on par with Ableton Live. FL Studio Beginners Course Learn FL Studio 20Basics.part1.rar (download). Coach — Free download How To Create & Scale Your Own Online Business.

  • You Need To Own A Copy of FL Studio Or Willing To Work With The Free Demo Version
  • You Need To Own A Computer Windows or macOS Installed
  • You Want To Learn Creating How To Make Music in FL Studio
  • You Want To Learn How To Work Fast in FL Studio
  • You Want To Learn How To Manage FL Studio in Just A Day
Fl Studio online, free Course


In This FL Studio – Learn Music Production in FL Studio for Mac & PC, I will show you how to manage FL Studio in just one day. Did you know that FL Studio is now supported by both Windows & Mac?

We’re going to cover everything from how you download FL Studio, to choosing the right version for your needs, as well as going in depth to the software. This course is perfect for beginners!

We will end the course with a music production stage where we re-make a song from a well known released song. We’re also covering arrangement, mixing stage and mastering stage as well.

This course is created for the absolute beginner as well as advanced users who wants to expand their knowledge in music production. We are covering all of the techniques that the biggest music producers are currently are using as well as limiting ourselves to create music. Everything that is done in this course is made in the box only – so all you need is a laptop such as MacBook Pro or a desktop computer such as an iMac.

This Course Includes All You Need To Create Music Production in FL Studio. Everything that you need to use is included in this course.

We are also including 10+ Sample Packs that will improve your productions as you can use them for free in your own tracks – all royalty free.

This course is designed for every skill level from Beginners to Advanced. If you never used FL Studio before, that’s totally fine as well. This course includes an introduction section where we will download FL Studio and show you how to manage the most basic functions of FL Studio to get you started.

Improve Your Music Production Techniques and Start Making Professional Music With Quality in No Time!

Regardless of what your level of experience is or what type of music you are creating, this course will take you knowledge to a whole another level. I will show you step-by-step how to create a full Music Production with FL Studio with Mixdown and Mastering included.

Unlike other Music Production courses, this course will cover everything from scratch and improve your overall music production level as well as getting you motivated to finish your music instead of letting your music ideas die within your project file.

Fl studio online courses

About the instructor:

Martin Svensson started producing music since 2005 and teaching since 2016, and now has over 23,000 happy students on Udemy learning music production and other related topics viewed from a Music Producers perspective. Martin has been working with different producers around the world as well as co-created a few very well known tracks with other musicians. Martin is based in Stockholm, SwedenWho this course is for:

  • If You’ve Been Using FL Studio And Want To Learn a New Way Of Creating Music
  • If You’re a Beginner and Never Used FL Studio
  • If You’re a Music Producer and Want To Learn How To Make Music With FL Studio
  • If You’re a DJ and Want To Create Music Loops in FL Studio

Created by Martin Svensson
Last updated 12/2018
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