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The original Roland 808 drum machine was introduced in 1980, and ever since, the 808 kick sound has become arguably one of the most iconic and widely recognized sounds in music production.
These days, the 808 drum kit is still used everywhere and especially in modern hip hop music. Even if it isn’t a direct sample from the original 808 drum machine, most people refer to any sine wave in the sub frequency range as an “808”.
In recent years, producers have been stretching the limits of 808s and using distortion, saturation, eq, and compression to shape them into sounds very different from the original Roland 808 drum sample.
If you are looking for a wide variety of 808 samples that represent all of the different forms of the 808, without going through the same recycled 808s that just get renamed and put in different sample packs, here are some recommendations on our favorite free 808 drum kits.

Free Flute Sound Pack

Download FREE Flute sounds - royalty-free! Find the Flute sound you are looking for in seconds.

Cymatics Free 808 Drum Kits and Sample Packs

Oracle 808 Sample Pack

We had our production team listen to and analyze 808s used in tracks from some of the top hip hop producers in the game.
They identified the key characteristics that make an 808 hit hard and loud so that you can have the perfect collection of 808s to work with.
Our Oracle pack contains 34 free 808 samples and much more!

Cobra Hip Hop & 808 Drum Kit

Cobra is an all encompassing hip hop sample pack that was created to include every element you need to make placement ready trap beats.
Not only does this pack include free 808s, but it also has melody loops, midi chord progressions and other drum one shots.

19 free 808 samples

24 guitar and flute melodic loops

29 melody loops

100+ drum one shots

24 Midi melodies + 5 Midi files

50+ trap drum loops

14 hi hat midi patterns

Flute Fl Studio Download

808 Mob Trap and 808s Sample Pack

This 808 sample pack is a collection of drums, melody loops, 808s, MIDI files and Serum presets, all inspired by the 808 Mafia team.
These sounds will take your beat productions to the next level.
This free sample pack includes:

17 808 samples

50+ drum one shots

18 hip hop drum loops

17 melody loops

13 FX samples

16 MIDI progressions

13 Xfer Serum presets

Astro Hip Hop and 808 Drum Kit

Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” was a production marvel when released in 2018 and featured some insane 808 samples to drive the songs behind it. In this sample pack you’ll find 85 amazing sounding samples and loops inspired by the sounds used in Astroworld.
Astro includes:

7 free 808 samples

19 drum loops

40 drum one shots

10 melody loops

10 fx samples

9God Hip Hop and 808 Drum Kit

Inspired by Drake’s impressive resume of countless incredible songs, our production team created a premium collection of 100+ samples, loops, MIDI, and even Serum presets that capture the quality and feel of Drake's recent biggest records.
While making “9God”, our production team carefully studied top hits like Portland, Gyalchester, and Fake Love to make sure every drum one shot, drum loop, melody loop, and more sounded fully authentic.

7 free 808 samples

39 drum one shots

10 melody loops

11 serum presets

8 fx samples

Premium 808 Drum Kits and Sample Packs

Diamonds Vol. I
& Diamonds Vol. II

Two of our most popular Hip Hop and 808 sample collections of all time.
Each member of our team carefully studied top Hip Hop producers like Metro Boomin, London On Da Track, and Murda Beatz while making this pack to make sure every sound was as authentic as possible.
They constructed unique melody loops, fully fledged drum loops, powerful 808 samples, and everything in between so you can make better beats more quickly.

In Diamonds Vol I:

50 high quality drum loops

90 drum one shots

25 free percussion samples

25 808s

40+ melody loops

25 MIDI progressions & more!

In Diamonds Vol II:

110+ drum loops

147 drum one shots

23 free percussion samples & 16 loops

55 melody loops

25 FX samples

15 vocal samples

Trap & 808s

The entire collection is extremely diverse, giving you everything from Trap synth drop loops and soft modern Hip Hop melody loops, to crisp drum one shots, organic FX, and MUCH more.
Not to mention, the 808s in this pack are without a doubt the best we’ve ever created.
You’ll find rich 808 samples in every single key, and our team put extra emphasis on making sure the sub and harmonics came through for all of them -- even for the lowest notes.

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Flute Sample Pack Fl Studio Free Download




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Flute Sample Fl Studio

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Flute Sound Pack Fl Studio

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Flute For Fl Studio

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