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30+ Free EDM Sample Packs, categorized by genre, all free to download. These free EDM Sample packs contain EDM Samples, EDM Loops, EDM Presets, and a lot more. Step up your music production game today, free to download and use.

By the permission of Goldenchild Audio, here’s India Tech, a collection of one shot samples from various Indian percussion instruments. This is a full sample pack from the collections of Goldenchild Audio’s sample material.

Included are samples from such instruments as dhol, dholak, ghatam and tabla. These work great as percussive elements in dance music!

Enjoy this Indian Percussion Instruments Sample Pack ! More free indian samples and indian instrument samples Coming soon ..

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Interested in Free EDM Sample Packs? Here’s a whole list of them!

If you are an electronic music producer, Sample Packs for EDM are probably part of your everyday workflow. At NoDusk, samples are what we’re all about. Aside from producing our own, we track down other packs and analyse them before sharing them with our fellow artists.

We have compiled 25+ free EDM sample packs that also contain presets, to help you take your work to the next level.

These sounds have been carefully assembled, listened to, and experimented with so that we can say with confidence that these are the best EDM sample packs that we would personally recommend.

So, here are the free EDM sample packs you came for;

Free edm sample packs fl studio

List of Free Sample Packs for EDM

EDM Sample Packs
Free Sample Packs for EDM in General

Free Edm Sample Packs For Fl Studio

Legowelt Samples
This is a comprehensive list of samples recorded off a variety of famous synthesizers and drum machines.

Liveschool Samples
These samples were provided by Australia’s leading dance music production school. They are an Ableton certified trainer, and have a variety of other resources available to aid in your work.

Ableton Free Sample Packs
It comes as a surprise to many, but on Ableton’s website, there are a variety of free sample packs that are diverse in nature, and serve as an excellent starting point for new producers.

Goldbaby Samples
This website is an excellent resource for finding a variety of staple sounds including crisp percussion, as well as many other melodic elements that will fit your needs.

Cassete 909
For the purists out there, this small but mighty sample pack, contains a number of samples recorded off a 909 into a vintage tape machine. These set-ups are prized for the coloration they add to the audio, and due to that, these samples are truly excellent. They can give your tracks the warm vintage sound they sometimes need, without the expensive, and rare hardware.

Falters Kicks
This sample pack contains a number of solid hardstyle, and hardcore kicks. These kicks are perfect for anyone trying to compose within those genres, as well as to provide the hard trap producer a perfect new kick for their second drop.

Wavy Audio
This unique site gives samples a social twist. Users upload small sample packs onto the real time thread, and then you can then download and create with these unique samples. You never know what you will stumble upon on this site, and you can always find hidden gems.

Nu Disco Samples
This pack contains a number of samples perfect for producing groovy catchy nu-disco, and even can have a number of applications for future house, and bass.

Converse Rubber Tracks Library
This is a vast library of unique royalty free sounds.

Just Blaze Drum Kit
These are the samples of legendary hip-hop producer Just Blaze. If you produce trap or future bass, and even house, these quality samples can give you what you are looking for.

Free House Samples
These samples have a variety of samples catered to house music.

Boxed Rhythm
This excellent resource contains a variety of samples recorded off of rare and vintage drum machines.

Rhythm Lab
This website is catered to breakbeats. If you are a producer of house, dubstep, future bass, garage, or really any genre, try spicing things up with a breakbeat. You won’t regret it.

Antidote Audio Free Trap Pack
Perfect sample pack for beginner trap lords.

Game Boy Drum Kit
This is a unique sample pack made with sounds recorded off of the Nintendo Game Boy, along with sounds recorded off classic games.

Minimal House Samples
These are high quality samples that can give any minimal house production the sonic fullness and warmth it needs, while maintaining transparency, and space, within the production.

Dr. Dre Sample Kit
These are samples inspired by the legendary Dr. Dre.

This is a reddit based resource for finding quality acapellas for your productions.

MPC 2000 Drum Kit
These are samples recorded from the iconic MPC 2000.

This website contains a variety of downloadable content so you can add all sorts of unique elements to your productions.

Crate Diggers Samples
This website contains a number of classic sounds perfect for adding a little vintage spice to music of any genre.

Future House by NoDusk
This is a great sample pack for anyone producing future house or similiar genre’s of EDM. Also, it’s free!

EDM Trap by EDMFact
Aside from being a personal fan of EDMFact’s content, this trap pack is really sick, just listen to the demo track!

EDM Beat Producers
You may have not heard of these guys but do not sleep on them, they’re growing rapidly and putting out dope content!

Future 808
This is a pretty interesting pack, it’s a mix of EDM, Future, and just a little bit of experiemental.

Future Waves by NoDusk
For all of you future bass lovers out there, this EDM sample pack is for you. This sample pack contains a variety of well engineered sounds to help give your track life, clarity, and a professional edge.

Future Bass Movements by NoDusk
No Dusk constantly uploads quality free samples. This free EDM sample pack contains a variety of melodic and percussive future bass sounds.

Future Vocal Chops by NoDusk
The key to most successful songs is a catchy hook, or a memorable vocal that allows the listener to really latch on the the production. It is even more important in electronic music, because adding an organic vocal to an otherwise sequenced work, gives the production life.

Note: These vocal samples can help give your tracks that special finishing touch. A great arsenal to add to your EDM sample packs collection. Also, this is one of our most popular sample packs to date – definitely worth checking out.

Future Bass Drums by NoDusk
This sample pack serves as the perfect foundation for any future house track. Containing a multitude of well recorded, and engineered samples, you can lay down the perfect groove to set any dance floor on fire.

Dubstep Sample Pack by Eric K. .
Eric released this sick dubstep pack a little while ago and it still is a great resource for those learning dubstep.
One of our most favorite dubstep sample packs to date.


Trap Samples by Antidote x NoDusk.
We teamed up with Antidote Audio on this one and released our first full-trap pack! (Free)

Lex Luger Drum Kit
Samples inspired by one of hip hop and trap music’s most iconic producers. Definitely worth adding to your sample library arsenal.

Free Edm Sample Packs For Fl Studio 20

Importance of Having Good Samples

When you dive into this extensive list you will literally find giga-bites of diverse sounds at your fingertips. These samples cover a variety of genres from House, Future Bass, Dubstep, Trap, and more.

Having an extensive sound library is essential to a productive and professional work flow. Think about it – you’re brainstorming your next project and out of nowhere, the inspiration hits. At this moment you want to be prepared so that you can surround yourself with the tools and building blocks that you need to transfer what is in your head, into the D.A.W. Without an extensive library you’re at a disadvantage.

EDM Sample Packs as Producer Tools

Sample packs are not cheating.

They are are tools to better your overall production and to spark creativity.

I can remember countless times where I had no direction, no idea of what song I was going to make – I simply started off with applying effects, time-stretching, or even looping a sample pack file like a vocal shot.

Before I knew it, a few hours later I had a very solid work in progress (WIP) that I could share with my producer friends to give feedback and direction on.

Without samples, creative inspiration would be a lot harder to come by.


Hopefully these sounds, samples, and presets we listed above for free will be an excellent place to start for budding producers, or prove to be an effective way for more seasoned producers, to breath fresh new life into their work. Always remember, that a song can only be as good as the samples it is made of!

Keep on improving.

Keep experimenting.

Stand out.

– Lewis