How To Download Autotune For Fl Studio

Autotune is a software plugin that identifies the change in Pitch or change in sound frequency. There are some pre-defined frequencies in it, and it “observers” the change of the input of sound/vocal. Autotune allows singers and music composers to identify the pitch singer is hitting. There are seven different notes in music theory. Also, There are different pitches of these seven notes. When a singer makes a mistake, that is, he/she is not able to hit the correct Pitch, Autotune can help in such scenarios. Autotune can be used in many different DAWs. But for the sake of today’s tutorial, We’ll see How to Autotune in FL studio.

Efficient integration with FL Studio allows easy import/export to and from the Playlist, to wave format or exported as MIDI. Since Newtone is hosted as an effect and syncs with FL Studio transport, you can completely edit your audio without leaving Newtone. Auto-Tune can use as a plugin hosted on DAW during the studio recording, or it can work as a standalone device during live performances. Versions of Antares Auto-Tune. After its launch in 1997 till now, Auto-Tune kept updating its features.

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Before diving into the “How to Autotune in Fl Studio” section, Let’s understand “How Autotune works”.

How Autotune Works

There are Different notes in musical theory, And There are different pitches also, 12 to be precise. There is a certain pitch of the entire song. This Pitch decides the mood of the song. A singer should and have to maintain the Pitch and the scale during the entire song. Now, When a singer is trying to hit the specific note, Sometimes, He/she misses it. Hence Autotune is used to correct those mistakes.

The Pitch Depends on the frequency of the sound. For instance, E-3 has a frequency of 165 Hz, and F3 has a frequency of 175 Hz. Now, When a singer hits a frequency of 168 Hz, Autotune will identify the mistake, and it will manipulate the Pitch of the original sound, and the scale and the Pitch of the song will be maintained. Musicians can use DAWs like Ableton and Fl Studio to use Autotune plugin. Now when you know how the autotune works, let’s dive into How to use Autotune in Fl Studio.

First things first, There are many different plugins available in the market out there. You can use any of those plugins. Autotune access, Melodyne, Vox Box, WavesAudio’s Vocal Bundle are some of the best plugins. You can use any of the plugins for Autotune in Fl Studio. The basic things in every plugin are the same. You have to change certain settings for different types of songs.

How to Autotune in FL studio

Autotune in FL studio, seems a bit tricky but trust me after this tutorial, It will be a piece of cake for you. There are two basic types of Autotune.

  • First, Which is done at the Time of the Recording.
  • Second, Which is done during the “Post-processing” phase

We will start with the method done at the time of recording, and then we will move towards the method done after the recording. In this way, We can easily cover all aspects of How to Autotune in Fl Studio.

1. During The Recording session

Let’s assume you want to record a singer’s vocal for a beat you have created earlier. First, you have to set up your mixer channel in FL Studio for recording vocals.

  • Select a new mixer channel and Select the audio input according to your mic.
  • Use some basic effects like an EQ to remove the bass from your voice so that Autotune can focus on the actual vocals without unnecessary noise. You can also add reverb, but make sure you add reverb below the autotune.
  • Below the EQ, Setup your Autotune. My personal preference is Waves Tune Real-Time. You can use your favorite.

Analyze your beats and then Select the key/scale in your Autotune plugin. This is a very important step, so don’t mess it up, Be calm and Be careful while selecting the key as a wrong key can ruin your vocal.

When you have done everything right, You are good to go now. So, Now if, you make mistakes in hitting the correct note in your vocals, Autotune will surely save you.

This setup will give a free room to the singer so he/she can easily sing without worrying about the correctness of the Pitch. Now let’s jump on to the other section of how to Autotune in Fl Studio, in the post-processing phase.

2. Post Recording Techniques

Now, when you have your vocals ready, You can do some post-processing to make it sound more natural.

  • Fire up your Autotune plugin from the mixer track, once again
  • There you’ll find some knobs. Speed and Note Transition are the main players here.
  • Speed will change the speed of correctness, and It represents the time it will take to correct note of your vocals. So if you want a subtle autotune, you can keep the knob a little high.
  • Note Transition represents the time it will take to jump off a note to another note. So if you don’t want a robotic noise from your mix, keep the knobs a little higher.


With this setup, you can easily set up an autotune for any type of song. The settings might be different for different genres and songs, but the way of How to Autotune in Fl studio will be the same. I hope you like this easy and simple setup. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

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