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We are currently at FL Studio version number 20 (since 2018). Version 12 was released way back in 2015. How can you get FL Studio for free? The short answer is you cannot.

There are various options in the market to choose from in order to create something in the digital or virtual world. Similarly, nowadays even music is created by means of efficient software applications which generates music according to the needs and taste of the user. Thus additional aids are also required by the user along with the main software to create and compose music. One such external aid software is called FL Studio and it has been popularly used by many DJs like Martin Garrix, Avicii etc.

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What is FL Studio?

This is basically a digital audio workstation which is used by the users and the musicians majorly to compose music along with many other DJ software applications. It generally hosts a wide amount of music data and gives the user multiple numbers of trials. This software generally works on the additional plugins which are incorporated to enhance the quality and composition of the music.

It has developed over time corresponding to the availability of various versions in the market namely:

  1. FL Studio Express– This was the first version that was incorporated and it was present at a nascent stage where there was no option for auto-looping or auto recording of the audio.
  2. Fruity Edition– this was the most popular edition which is still being used by many popular musicians because of the added feature of a live synthesizer present in the software.
  3. Producer edition– This was an advanced version with the availability of auto-recording options along with the means to add additional Plugins as well.
  4. Signature Bundle– It had the number of features which accentuated the demand of the software with the additions of guitar stream effects and wave sampler.
  5. All Plugins Bundle– This version had more options to add external plugins especially the number of synthesizers.
  6. Free Demo– This was introduced as a trial version but it had certain drawbacks as well so the better option to choose would be to go to other available editions of this software.
  7. Groove– This was basically introduced for a touch-based music creation especially on Windows 8 operating system.

This software efficiently functions with the help of some of the best FL Studio plugins and these are used to create and compose music as per the wishes of the composer.

Best FL Studio Plugins

The FL Studio is used by the masses as it gives the amazing option to use the best plugins for FL Studio and thereby it accentuates the performance of the software and thus it delivers efficient output. Some of the best FL studio plugins are:

1. Dashboard

It is an included an inbuilt plugin and so it is used for the creation of fully automated interfaces for various hardware MIDI devices. This eventually helps the FL Studio to control the hardware within the program. As far as the latest version 9.0 is concerned it is also equipped to handle multiple controllers in order to produce different generators and effects.

2. Edison

It is basically a waveform creator which exists as an independent software created and it thus does not require any external aid like FL Studio to run as it can run and function all the tasks on its own. The various functions which can be easily done by this software are:

  1. Spectral analysis
  2. Convolution reverb
  3. Loop recording
  4. Loop construction
  5. Support cue points.

These functions were basically added in the new Producer edition of this software.

3. Fruity Video Player

This plugin was added in the Bundle addition of the software and it is basically used to produce and allow composition and synchronization of the audio and video of the files.

4. Deckadance

It is basically a standalone software which includes an independent DJ console and it can also be used as a plugin with FL Studio in order to produce collaborated music. It also has the major variety of options for synthesizers and thereby help in providing an efficient output.

5. Maximus

This plugin was introduced in the Bundle edition and it is widely used now. It is basically a multi-band audio limiter and it acts as a compressor for mastering all the projects an tracks added in the software. It can also be used for various other purposes such as:

  1. It can be used as a noise gate.
  2. It is also used as a ducker and a “de-esser”.
  3. It can also be used as an expander.

Play Fl Studio online, free

6. Riff Machine

It has been introduced in most of the versions and it basically used in a self-generating module. It randomly selects any instrument and thereby reshapes the parameter controls of the melodies to be fitted in the form of a piano roll. Thus the major function of this plugin is to reshape and reconfigure all the melodies.

7. Fruity Stereo Shaper

It has been introduced in the current version called as Version 9. It is basically used for stereo processing. It also includes an inbuilt mixer and then it is used to control the left and right channels along with their inverted equivalents. It can also be used to control channel delay and phase offset.


Thus these are the various types of best FL Studio plugins but they are also added and mixed with other types of third-party plugins which supports the software. These third-party plugins are VST and DirectX plugins. These various third-party plugins are also one of the best free plugins for FL studio and thus they generate a high amount of popularity in the market.

Few Best VST Plugins

There are various VST plugins in the market and few of them are given below as:

  1. Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate– It is the best VST package in the world with an inbuilt auto recording and music composition functions. It can be used to create multiple genres of music such as Jazz, Rock, Metal, Pop, Punk, Electronic etc. It also has an option for inbuilt musical instruments to be added with all the musical compositions and it does not require any external addition for live instruments to be played. It also has a powerful live drum player, a powerful sampler and also a symphony orchestra as well. It also has a powerful piano instrument feature called a Una Corda. Thus it is one of the most efficient software that can be used to compose music.
  2. Toontrack Superior Drummer– This is basically a powerful drumming software plugin which can be used to create the sensations and effects of a live drumming session. It actually includes more than 230 GB of live drum samples and thus it offers a variety of beats to be chosen from. There is also an integrated audio to MIDI conversion device which automatically converts to MIDI notes. There is also an inbuilt artificial intelligence software which detects the style and format of drum beats that will go with any composition and thus makes the life of the composer easier. This AI is named as X drums. It also adjusts the beats and rhythm of the drums with respect to pitch and other voice articulation techniques.
  3. FXpansion Geist 2– It is also a beat production and a drumming software which is used as a VST plugin. It can be used to change the voice articulation according to the beats and it is also used to create unique grooves and also used to create deep sample manipulations. It also has a graph sequencer which comes handy while adding and slicing the note overtones and thus it is also important to note the pitch, starting point and reverse point of the musical notes. It can also be used to play live music along with beats and it can be used to produce all kinds of music like EDM, Electronica and other drum based music.
  4. Arturia V Collection 6– It is basically a keyboard and synthesizer inbuilt software plugin. It has 21 keyboard options to choose from. It mostly specializes in organs, pianos, and synthesizers and it can be used to create music from the genres of early 1960 and 1970. This is one of the best options to be added to the virtual instrument collection as it provides wide ranges of instruments to be chosen across decades and thereby help in creating varieties of music from all genres.

Most of these virtual instruments when added as plugins require high system configurations which can be sustained by a high pitch Graphics card and also an advanced version of any operating system whether Windows or Mac as they provide efficient functioning of the software. It also requires a minimum amount of internal memory space consisting of minimum 15 GB RAM and thus the usage of these software applications must be restricted only for professional purposes otherwise it is quite costly and it eventually takes a toll on the pocket.

Fl Studio Free Trial


Thus there are few best free plugins for FL studio as well and these are mostly the earlier versions Best FL Studio Plugins and the demo versions which was released by the FL Studio, but due to the wide expansion in the music industry, these free plugins are not used anymore but generally all the Virtual instruments are used at a full swing in order to get easy and efficient music output without much effort and consideration.

This is how to get FL Studio for free, no money paid, just make sure you have a stable internet connection to download it off the Internet.

Here is the various ways you can use to get FL Studio for free. First off all we are not encoraging piracy, buy the software if you can afford it, it is easier for every one. Again we won’t share direct links to downloads, however we will help see ways you can download this software.

About FL Studio

This is a little detail about FL Studio which is a software for music production, offering an environment for making music. FL is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Representing decades og years. FL studio can be used to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.

FL Studio is used in major and minor music studios.

Download FL Studio plus system requirements

FL Studio is available for both Windows and iOS devices.

System requirements

FL STUDIO can run on any computer system operating:

  • WINDOWS: 7, 8, 10 or later
  • macOS: 10.11 or later
  • Atleast 4GB free disk space
  • Atleast 4GB of RAM or higher recommended.

Download FL Studio
This is the download link for the improved Trial version, you can download it for free

FL studio mobile

FL studio is also available for mobile devices, for Androd and iOS.

Key features of the Improved Trial version.

  • You can SAVE FL STUDIO projects.
  • REOPENING saved projects is NOT possible.
  • Some functions that use save or load capability don’t work in the trial. For example, “Clone channel” and the “Save preset as…” menu options.
  • Ability to EXPORT to WAV and MP3
  • You can now test all features and plugins they create.

What Of the full version of FL Studio?

If you’ve used this improved trial version of FL Studio and you like the functionality, you can download the Full version. However the Full vesion is not free, you have to buy it.
If you want to buy, you have the option of buying it online or getting the FL studio box in any of the numerous shops located across the world.

If you still insist on getting it without paying for it, download off torrents, or some links online(dig deaper). However be mindful of virus when doing so. As things that are gotten through this means are often laced with Virus and spyware. That is why it is best to buy from the official website.