Mac Fl Studio 12 Plugin Not Showing Up

FL Studio Native Plugins - It is possible that the 'Favorite' switch hasn't been selected for the plugin and so it does not show in the list when adding plugins. See the section on adding Favorite Plugins as part of the normal installation procedure. Plugins not showing up on ableton en-us Answered Follow. Oso Moran May 09, 2019 23:14. I have the Komplete package. I installed a bunch of the plugins through native access but I can only get Massive to show up on ableton. For example, Drumlab says it is installed and I made sure to tell Ableton to search in the folder it says its installed. KVR Audio Forum - Sylenth1 showing up as sampler (Fl Studio 12). To run Waves plugins on Mac OS Lion 10.7 to 10.7.5, you must use a Waves V9.3 offline installer, which only includes Waves products released until September 10, 2015. If you are trying to load your Waves plugins in FL Studio but you cannot find them, follow these instructions in order to make the plugins available. Clear the memory. VST plugins won't show up in FL Studio 12 A common question but I'm trying to install some chiptune VSTs (e.g magical8bitplug etc.), but it won't show up in my plugin list. Did a scan and it detected them, however when I clicked on the checkbox and looked at the plugin list, it still wasn't there.

ALPHA Software is for TESTING & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, not time-critical music production. It will crash and behave in unexpected ways. It is missing features. HOWEVER we are now getting close to Beta and so it should be mostly working.
32 BIT - This is the 32 Bit version. At launch FL Studio on Mac will only be available as a 64 Bit application, in line with Apple's announcements for macOS 11 running 64 Bit Applications. This version will be retired.
1. OSX 10.11 or later (older OS will probably run into user interface issues)
2. You must be admin user to install and run
Notable things that DO NOT WORK yet:
Mac Fl Studio 12 Plugin Not Showing UpRewire.
Plugins: That return 'Can't be found' message when you try to open them.
ALPHA 0.9S WHAT'S NEW (9-June-2017)Studio
Updated to latest 12.5.1 sources
Fixes to the keyboard handling
older changelog since last post:

ALPHA 0.9R WHAT'S NEW (12-April-2017)
Updated to latest 12.5 sources
More keyboard fixes
Pinch to zoom on MBP trackpads is known to be buggy - working on a fix
Plugin Manager fixes!
ALPHA WHAT'S NEW 0.9Q (no 0.9Q for you!)
ALPHA 0.9P WHAT'S NEW (12-April-2017)
Updated all sources for new bugfixes from Build 33
Scaling errors in dialogs fixed
Scaling in general options works now
Crashes dragging from Edison fixed
Fixed Arpeggiator default pattern name
Fixed extra clicks needed for right-click context menus
Pattern picker included (open/close ALT+P) - macOS BONUS!
ALPHA 0.9O WHAT'S NEW (no 0.9O for you!)
ALPHA 0.9N WHAT'S NEW (31-March-2017)
NOTE: If things seem slow on the development front, this is not the case behind the scenes. We are working on the macOS native 64 Bit FL Studio version.
Updated to 12.4.2 official sources
Fixed DirectWave missing symbols
Fixed Render dialog missing configuration
Fixed Many issues with CMD key combinations
Fixed drag and drop in various areas - But NOT Edison, that's disabled for now.
Use right mouse button in Edison's drag button to copy selected wave to the clipboard
Added DirectWave instrument creator (Richt-click channel menu)
Channel option DW preset renderer as a bonus! Windows users don't have this yet
There is also a pop-up touch keyboard (somewhat hidden), which you may find...but as Macs don't have touch so not for you! :P
ALPHA 0.9M WHAT'S NEW (17-Feb-2017)
Fixed FPC crash using right mouse button on a pad's MIDI note
Fixed graphical corruption in drag thumb and about fruit
Fixed ZIP loading/saving
Fixed Hints showing CTRL instead of CMD
Fixed Jumping mixer FX slot locks
Fixed Many keyboard shortcuts
Updated DirectWave
Updated ZGameEditor Visualizer
Startup log files now saved to ~/Library/Logs/
ALPHA 0.9l WHATS NEW (14-Jan-2017)
New graphics engine - smoother, lower resource usage, lower CPU usage
Fixed Many UI issues
New internal maths functions, fixes many crashes
Fixed fruity FX VSTs
Fixed sound stuttering issues in Harmor/Harmless
ZGEVis updated to latest version
DirectWave added to plugin list
Beepmap slow sound fixed
Known issues:
No Hintbar updates during loading
Graphical corruption of drag thumb when commencing/finishing drag
ALPHA 0.9k WHAT'S NEW (4-Jan-2017):
Added DirectWave, Pitcher, BassDrum, Drumpad, and Minisynth plugins.
Fruity filter rebuilt
Fixed stuttering in Sytrus
Mousewheel scrolling in CR fixed
Memory leaks fixed
Drag and drop crash fixed
Spectroman for OSX fixed
Enabled drag and drop onto window title bars
ALPHA 0.9j WHAT'S NEW (22-Nov-2016):
Drag and drop is now pretty much complete
Enabled the draggy swingy thingy for dragging things.
Directory watch functions added for plugin menus
Corrupted cursors in Sierra fixed
Improved ZGEVis
Warnings for Multi-monitor usage
Minimise button fixed
Further improvements to VST (and especially VST3) handling
ALPHA 0.9i WHAT'S NEW (31-Oct-2016):
Fixed mouse pointer images going to default black OSX image in most areas
Added gestures - two finger scrolling (both vert and horz) and pinch-to-zoom
Fixed VST3 plugins (no more white UI windows)
Fixed JPEG loading in ZGEVis
ZGEVis Antialiasing enabled
Physics effects in ZGEVis fixed
ALPHA 0.9h WHAT'S NEW (19-Oct-2016):
Fixed keyboard sticking issues
More fixes to ZGE Visualiser
Fixed VSTs with white UI sheets
Fixed FPC pad-only mode
Fixed control visibility issues
Added drag and drop from finder for most areas of FL
ALPHA 0.9g WHAT'S NEW (13-Oct-2016):
Fixed black rectangles behind windows
Fixed CR pop-to-front after dialog sheet close
Fixed plugin manager permissions
Re-added ctrl+tap on trackpad to remove notes from Step Sequencer
Fixed toolbar ordering bugs
Fixes to ZGE Visualiser
ALPHA 0.9f WHAT'S NEW (08-October-2016):
Latest 12.3.1 feature and fixes from Windows version
Added fruity balance and fruity filter VST plugins
Fruity Phaser, Chorus and Flanger fixed
Deferred load for file associations
Extra menu clicks no longer necessary
UI events outside of modal windows no longer happen
Shortcut Toolbar 3 displays key states
CMD+Q quits
Keyboard shortcuts checked and fixed
Restarting with browser undocked fixed
Menus shifted right in fullscreen with left-handed dock fixed
Change Icon menu hints fixed
Harmor’s popup menus no longer stay on top on task switch
Keyboard selection of menu items fixed
Sytrus (and other plugins) text editors fixed
Tab/Shift+Tab to cycle windows fixed
Menu shortcuts (such as M in Edison) fixed in plugins
Fixed main Add menu covering the menu bar
added updated stretching library
Hintbar fading fixed
Menu item fade fixed
ALPHA 0.9d WHAT'S NEW (31-Aug-2016):
IMPORTANT: Delete 'FL Studio Mac Alpha' application before installing new version.
FPC now works (and it is the new vectorial version)
Corrupted graphics problem fixed
ALPHA 0.9e WHAT'S NEW (19-Sept-2016):
IMPORTANT: Delete 'FL Studio Mac Alpha' application before installing new version.
Latest 12.3.1 feature and fixes from Windows version, including Transistor Bass plugin.
Fixed crashes on plugin open for certain circumstances
Fix restoring window sizes in non-maximized window state
Fixed toolbar placements in maximised window
Fixed crash previewing samples
Fixed maximised mode, removed borders
Fixed draggable menus
File associations should work now (open flp from Finder)
More patcher fixes for misbehaving plugins
Fix for crash in Sakura
Fix for menus disappearing sometimes
Fix for Slicex background graphics glitch
ALPHA 0.9c WHAT'S NEW (26-Aug-2016):
Latest FL 12.3 additions and fixes from Windows version
Added zip support
Fixed preview of samples in the Browser with up/down keys
It's now possible to browse packages (apps) contents with the open/save dialogs
Fixed crash when dragging waveform
Fixed browser's width getting smaller when clicking the caption bar
Fixed generic links not working
Fixed mouse cursors not updating when hovering plugins
Fixed Riff Machine
Fixed OpenDialog not starting in correct directory
Fixed Patcher crash to desktop
Fixed Patcher icons
Fixed VST3 presets
Fixed Preset arrows not showing in Patcher plugins
Fixed bug in menus with Waveshaper’s curve
Fixed menus closing for modal dialogs
Fixed menus remaining on top of other apps in OSX
Added Context menus (implemented WM_CONTEXT) to controls that use them
Fixed context menus for knobs and faders
Fixed black mouse pointers in the browser
Fully implemented WndProc for menu animations
Fixed maximised window alignments
Added+fixed plugin picker transparency
Fixed minimise issue with mixer width
Increased stability with UI in 3rd party VST plugins
ALPHA 0.9b WHAT'S NEW (8-July-2016):
IMPORTANT: Delete 'FL Studio Mac Alpha' application before installing new version.
- All the latest fixes for Windows version
- New plugins supported: Effector, Fruity Multiband Compressor, Fruity Video Player,
- Limited support for ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin (no export or webcam, several effects and presets not working yet)
- Bugfix: Error when changing preset in FPC
- Bugfix: Error when closing VST with Esc
- Mouse cursors now use retina resolution
- Fix for pop-up menu disappearing in WaveShaper
- Removed 3rd party VST presets
- Fix for black mouse cursor appearing when dragging windows
- More presets/effects working in ZgeViz)
ALPHA 0.8j WHAT'S NEW (29-June-2016):
IMPORTANT: Delete 'FL Studio Mac Alpha' application before installing new version.
- Fix bug where FLPs containing 3rd party VSTs (and the flp was created on Windows version of FL) would result in plugins not found.
- Fix for problem with pluginmanager not starting sometimes
- Quick Tweak improved
- Menus now close when clicking outside client area
- Menu item right clicking
- Keypress in menus working
- Allow dragging from the Channel Settings
- All the latest bugfixes and improvements from the Windows version 12.3 beta 5
ALPHA 0.8h WHAT'S NEW (9-June-2016):
- All the fixes and additions from the latest FL Studio for Windows 12.3 beta
- Fixed: Admin rights is no longer required (FL files are now inside the app bundle)
- Fixed: Window docking inside FL
- Fixed: Improved fullscreen support (right-click maximize icon)
- Fixed: Loud noise from EQUO plugin
- Fixed: sometimes selecting a menuitem could cause it to trigger several times
- Fixed: wrong color for some mouse cursors
- Fixed: set icon/color menu items not working
- Fixed: Wavecandy and Fruity Dance not transparent
- Many more bugfixes
ALPHA 0.8g WHAT'S NEW (4-May-2016):
Delete /Library/Application Support/Image-Line folder first to remove any previous installs.
Additional plugins supported: Fruity Convolver, VFX Color mapper, VFX Key mapper, VFX Keyboard Splitter, Fruity Dance, Fruity Fast Dist, Fruity Squeeze, SoundGoodizer, Parametric EQ, DB Meter, Notebook 2, SpectroMan, Fruity DX10
VST and VST3 stability improvements
Bugfix: FPC could not find the presets
Bugfix: File open dialog appeared behind options dialog.
Bugfix: Clicking on window toolbuttons did not focus them.
Updated sample projects where Fruity Mute was used

how to authorize it, you will find in the link below! you need the latest R2R keygen for it. (Thanks to R2R for that!)
thanks to

Fl Studio Plugins Not Loading


Mac Fl Studio 12 Plugin Not Showing Upside Down

Generate a .reg file using the R2R Keygen from the PC Version. (Don't use the pre generated File inside the R2R Folder - it deactives a lot of Plugins and Instruments!)
Put it here: /Users/[your user folder]/Library/Preferences/Image-Line
Start FL Studio. Done.

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Fl Studio 12 Plugin Downloads

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This video will show you how to install VST plugins (effects, instruments etc) in Fl Studio 12.
- Copy the plugin files into your VST Folder on your computer
- Options
- File settings
- Manage plugins
- Start scan
- Checkmark
- Find the plugin in the file-browser
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