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Sometimes you want to have the same fx chain on another mixer track. But you don’t want to select every single plugin one by one and change the settings to the same one you put on your other mixer track. There is a real easy way to this in FL Studio.

How to copy or save your mixer presets to another mixer track

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Right-Click your mixer track that you want to copy or save, go to file, there you can save your mixer track state as a preset.

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If you want to copy it instead of saving it, you can drag the option “Save mixer track state as” to another mixer track.

This way you’ll have the same exact settings of all the plugins on that mixer track. Know that the name of the mixer track will also be the same, you can easily change this by Right-Clicking the track and click on “Rename” or click on the track and press F2.

If you want to use the preset (that you just saved) again. You can do it by Right-Clicking your Mixer Track, select file and then click on your preset. Or you could go to the left of your screen, select “Mixer presets” and drag your preset on your mixer track.