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Wave Candy is an analyzer tool included in FL Studio. When you use it, make sure to select the oscilloscope, preferably with the slowest update rate, so that the entire waveform will fit on the screen. I've just published a MIDI files library website with ≈3K tracks (tagged with bpm, instruments, country, genre, etc.), collected by a music teacher at the end of the 20th century, mostly folk music. MIDI files can be imported in FL Studio. FL Studio Crack + Reg key 2019 Free Download Win/Mac FL Studio 20.5.0 Crack is a digital audio workstation (DAW) having the best graphical user interface. It is compatible with both Windows PCs and Mac. This software is the fastest way from your brain to the speakers that make your dreams comes true. FL Studio 20 Producer Edition is the most complete virtual studio currently available. Fully featured multi-track audio and midi sequencer. It will play any sample file (wav), generator (softsynth, VSTi & DXi) or midi instrument you feed it.

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FL Studio is a complete software music production environment or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Representing more than 20 years of innovative development it has everything you need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.

FL Studio is now one of the world’s most popular DAWs and is used by the most creative artists.

FL Studio 20.1.2 Official Release (25 Feb 2019 )

FL Studio 20.1.2 – We are pleased to announce the latest release. This is a maintenance update focusing mainly on bug fixes and some commonly requested adjustments to the new 20.1 workflow updates.




  • Adding an instrument or audio track doesn’t switch from pattern to song mode anymore
  • “Separate from instrument track” is renamed and can also link a channel to a new instrument track
  • Removed (delete) presets from the default plugin databases as there are dedicated options for that
  • Deletion of plugins now asks for confirmation (as there’s no undo)
  • Missing plugins and samples – New window when opening a project file providing more information.
  • Playlist – ‘Group with above track’ will auto-color the track when the parent is an Instrument or Audio track
  • Track mode – Option (Right-click Channel Button) ‘Unassign from instrument track’ to unlink Channels from Instrument Tracks
  • Automation – Initialized controls are now shown in their own folder in the ‘Current project’ section of the Browser
  • Ogun – New Ogun presets added, that were previously only available through Download Manager
  • Harmor – ‘Olbaid’ presets added to Harmor
  • Wave Candy – Automatic mode change when the window size changes is now disabled by default



Wave Candy Fl Studio Download Torrent

Wave Candy Fl Studio Download
  • Adding instrument tracks doesn’t use a unique name
  • Automation and audio clips can not be selected in the picker panel when they are zipped in the CR
  • Automation clips have shortened names when it’s not necessary
  • Can’t render a mixer track when the name is very long
  • Crash opening NewStuff project in FL 64bit
  • Instrument track overwrites existing pattern after deleting another instrument track
  • Main toolbar’s volume knob is automatable
  • Pattern selector sometimes shows the wrong pattern after deleting one
  • PR: chop tool doesn’t work correctly for 1/6 step
  • Predicted size for audio export is incorrect when mono export is selected
  • Recording event automation after a pattern can cause incorrect tempo automation
  • Resetting a mixer track will reset the manual delay compensation values for all tracks
  • Selecting an audio clip doesn’t select the audio tab in the picker panel
  • Time calculation for clip start is inverted when the time knob is at zero
  • Control Surface: high cpu usage doing nothing
  • DirectWave: dropping samples on the zone grid doesn’t always replace existing zones
  • Edison, Slicex and other plugins: wave / envelope editor buttons don’t show a hint
  • Fruity Soft Clipper, Transient Processor: GUI optimizations
  • Plucked!: Widen parameter doesn’t work correctly in 64bit
  • Access violation opening the demo song “Tomas Chavez – Raubana – LIFE”
  • Audio recording to audio tracks can sometimes insert audio on another track
  • “Burn to pattern” doesn’t burn all notes in some cases
  • Channel looping causes constant repainting of the playlist and piano roll
  • CPU panel is repainted when hidden
  • Crash on exit
  • Error opening “RadioactiveSandwich” demo song
  • Invalid channel index error when selecting a pattern clip in the picker panel
  • Note recording preview is broken in some cases
  • Playlist – clicking on a clip in a multiple selection doesn’t select the corresponding item in the picker panel
  • Playlist – creating an instrument track in an empty project doesn’t use pattern 1
  • Playlist – instrument tracks can be created even when there are no free mixer tracks
  • Playlist – make unique dialog is shown incorrectly when placing clips on tracks
  • Playlist – make unique dialog is not shown when cloning a clip in the same location with the shift key
  • Playlist – dropping an unrecognized file type on a track header adds an instrument track with an empty channel
  • Playlist – clips are constantly repainted when hovering the mouse cursor over them
  • Playlist – pattern 1 is selected after moving a clip on an instrument track
  • Playlist – nothing happens when a sample is dropped on an instrument track and “audio clip” is chosen
  • Plugin delay compensation breaks when channels are cloned
  • Punch-out marker doesn’t work if there is no preceding punch-in marker
  • Right-click on an audio clip in the picker panel will focus the channel rack (when it’s detached)
  • Too many tracks added when loop recording audio
  • Version update notification doesn’t always show when it should
  • Control Surface: digits control doesn’t send value changes out to Patcher and FL Studio
  • DirectWave: user interface breaks up in full screen when the browser panel is hidden
  • Edison, Slicex, Convolver: freeze when using pitch detection and “dump to piano roll”
  • MIDI Out: freeze when selecting some presets
  • Newtone: density parameter is not remembered correctly
  • Patcher: audio output of new generator plugins is not automatically connected to the Patcher output

Note: This is for Windows only!

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